Question: What Does a Web Designer Do?

Answer: Customer service, dummy.

This thought occured to me today, though maybe not so rudely. But no less bluntly.  A good web marketer / solution provider is all about customer service.

Anyone can build you a web site. Or get your Facebook page noticed.  Or solve your graphics headaches.

But not everyone can provide great customer service.  Listening to clients. Getting their sidelined projects back on the right track.  Giving them personalized solutions.

So that’s what I like to do.  Even with our low-cost web site service,, customer service is the #1 goal.

It isn’t always easy — creating a temporary partnership between yourself and someone you’ve just met (sometimes only over the phone) — and working together to envision something, then creating it, refining it, and releasing it.

Usually on a tight timeline.

It can be difficult. And lots of fun.

And that’s why I do it.




“Damn my stomach is making really weird noises…I’m gonna go ahead and send a donut down there to check things out.”
August 24, 2015

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing.  That’s why we recommend it daily.

Zig Ziglar

Invest in Security

Every day, there are stories about major web site hacks.

What doesn’t make the news, is the number of smaller sites that get hacked on an hourly basis.

As a someone who is the webmaster for hundreds of sites, I face countless hacks everyday. And the best defense, is a solid security infrastructure.

Spending an extra $30-$50 per month can make the difference between a great site, and a hacked site.

If you want a free security audit for your site, contact me today!

Keep and Attitude of Gratitude

While listing to a recent podcast, covering some of the fairly depressing negative economic indicators out there these days, the host did something nice. He said, don’t personally bogged down by all these negative stats. On an individual basis, keep your head up. Keep an attitude of gratidude.

He even suggested the daily exercise of writing down the things you are grateful for, and/or the good things that happened that particular day.

It may go a long way to keeping you in a positive frame of mind, no matter what life throws at you.

Sloan’s Coax Me by Choir! Choir! Choir!

Here’s something nice to listen to: Toronto’s Choir! Choir! Choir! teaming up with 2 members from Sloan for a version of Coax Me.

It’s well done…Chris Murphy hits some crazy high notes.

Chris Murphy remains ageless. Maybe around 2004, I saw Sloan open for Sonic Youth (and he looks identical, 10 years later).

After Sloan finished their set, and while Sonic Youth was shredding it, I looked beside me in the audience and who else was standing next to me, but Chris Murphy.  After their set he knew the best place to be was stage side, taking in Sonic Youth in all their glory. I was a little surprised to see him standing next to me, after just watching him perform on stage minutes before.

He gave me a cool nod and we both went back to watching the show. Which at that very moment featured a Kim Gordon bass solo, and she was literally jumping up and down in high heels while playing.

Closing thought…I do have to wonder, how many of the younger Choir participants know who Consolidated is?